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Apr 24, 2017
Zombies of Voodoo Economics
Paul Krugman
According to many reports, Donald Trump is getting frantic as his administration nears the 100-day mark. Itís an arbitrary line in the sand, but one he himself touted in many pre-inauguration boasts. And it will be an occasion for numerous articles detailing how little of substance he has actually accomplished. More info...

Apr 21, 2017
The Balloon, the Box and Health Care
Paul Krugman
Imagine a man who for some reason is determined to stuff a balloon into a box ó a box that, aside from being the wrong shape, just isnít big enough. He starts working at one corner, pushing the balloon into position. But then he realizes that the air heís squeezed out at one end has caused the balloon to expand elsewhere. So he tries at the opposite corner, but this undoes his original work.
Now you understand whatís happening to G.O.P. efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. More info...

Apr 21, 2017
If Trump wants to save U.S. infrastructure, he needs to care about climate change
Danielle Wiener-Bronner
President Trump wants to make America's roads, bridges and tunnels great again. But the Trump administration's $1 trillion infrastructure plan could be wasted if it ignores the predicted effects of climate change.
Extreme heat could cause pipes to crack, or melt asphalt. Airports below sea level could be flooded. Communities could relocate because of drought or heat, putting pressure on transportation systems and reducing the relevancy of others. Extreme weather could cause flooding of inland roads, and storm surges could flood highways on the coasts. More info...

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