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The latest construction news from around the United States and featuring updates from the NAHB, McGraw Hill and other relevant construction news sources.

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Feb 2, 2017
How to Finance Construction of Your New House
Shopping for a Residential Construction Loan
The construction loan you choose to fund the construction of your new house is the most important part of building your house. You should be aware that a construction loan contains many variables that can cost you time and money or cause unwanted delays.
Construction Loan Interest
The first consideration is the interest you will be charged on the construction loan. See how construction loan interest is computed on a residential construction loan. More info...

Feb 1, 2017
Hidden Construction Loan Requirements
Each lender varies on exactly how it administers construction loans
Construction loans can be very complex and typically contain many hidden lender requirements that might be onerous to the owner and the builder. Therefore it is critical to ask as many questions as possible about your lender's policies and procedures regarding the details of the construction loan and the permanent loan. More info...

Jan 14, 2017
Typical Construction Loan Documents
Construction loan documents are meant to protect the owner by assuring that all funds are properly accounted for. Each participant in the construction process has a different interest and so the construction loan documents are designed to spell out how each participants interests will be handled. More info...

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