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Small business trends, topics and news updated frequently and in a fast read format. As a small business owner, keeping up with regulatory, economic and consumer trends is part of the job.

Jan 14, 2017
The 19 Covenants of a Standard Franchise Agreement
Rick Grossman
The following excerpt is from Rick Grossmann's book Franchise Bible.

The franchise agreement is the contract between the franchisor and you, but it’s not a “standard” or “form” agreement. The format of the contract differs from one franchise system to another.
However, though each franchise agreement will differ in style, language and content, all franchise agreements have covenants, each of which describes a promise, right or duty that the franchisee or franchisor owes to the other or that benefits the franchisor or franchisee. The following is a list of those covenants that one most often sees in a typical franchise agreement. (The franchise agreement on our companion website will have the specific language that addresses each covenant.) More info...

Jan 14, 2017
Why The Most Productive People Do These Six Things Every Day
Stephanie Vozza
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Of all our available resources, everyone has the same number of hours in a day. Some, however, happen to get more done. Are they faster or smarter? Do they have more help? Perhaps. But they’ve also learned tricks that can help them stretch time and eliminate the unimportant.

Here are six things super-productive people do every day to maximize their results and success:

Consistency and routine are helpful for starting the day in a proactive mode. While the tasks vary, productive people have found a set of activities and order that works for them. More info...

Jan 14, 2017
Starting from Scratch: How to Approach Cold Calling for New Businesses
Danny Wong
Any new business owner is full of doubts, if not about the financial situation of the company, then at least its long-term success. When you start out facing an empty client roster, there's a lot to be said just for mustering sheer determination.
Teaching every rep that a thousand negative answers is worth that single positive one you get is a lesson that can spur people on even during their most vulnerable times. After all, every successful business at one point had absolutely zero clients. More info...

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