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Bankruptcy Removal from Your Credit Report

Bankruptcy Removal Information

A bankruptcy can destroy your credit score. A bankruptcy listing on your credit report will seriously affect your ability to get a loan or even rent an apartment. And even if you are able to get a loan, you will pay a much higher interest rate because of the bankruptcy.

For a surprising number of Americans, the bankruptcy listed on their credit reports simply should not be there. Errors are commonly made by those reporting your credit history to credit reporting agencies such as Trans Union, FICO, and Experian. And once these errors creep into your credit report they become extremely hard to eliminate since no company has any incentive to remove them.In fact, reporting agencies do not want to spend the time to do so since that costs them time and money.

Once a bankruptcy is finalized through the courts, creditors may no longer report your loan as past due or charged off. The creditor must report that the amount due was discharged in bankruptcy. Many creditors do not change the report in hopes that they can still collect from the borrower.

That is why you need the help of professionals who will get your credit report corrected by demanding responses from those reporting your bad credit. Only when their feet are held to the fire will those companies reporting your bad credit respond in a responsible manner. Bankruptcy Removal Apply Now!

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